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Mommy Scare

My adrenalin is just ebbing after a really early scare. My little boy slipped and fell down the stairs and did a somersault before landing. I think I was my sense of panic that caused him to cry.

I offered to stay home instead but he preferred to go to school, so when he was calm and all, we went on our way.

I keep seeing a replay of what had happened in my mind and I warned the teachers at daycare for them to call me if he should throw up or if he stars displaying any signs that something might be wrong. I called just before lunch and the teachers told me he had finished his food and was otherwise okay.

Remembering what happened and somehow reliving the horror of it all has served to remind me about how I cannot protect him from the scratches and bumps of life.

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Let the lovefest begin..

Can I just say that to be recognized by a true artist like my friend Millet Henson for my amateur attempts at drawing with Paint totally made my day..  Photoshop?  Unfortunately, I only edit my artwork with simple Paint and Microsoft Photo Editor.  I’m trying..  Thank you, Millet.. bow..
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Laduree in New York?

I received an anonymous comment that Laduree, my favorite salon de the in Paris is opening a branch here in New York.  And yes, I am aware that there are “tons of Macarrons here in New York”, and I have tried them, but nothing compares to the macarrons of Laduree, even other competitors in the City of Lights itself.  Maybe it’s the francophile in me.

I found some references to it thanks to Google but there is no mention of it in Laduree’s website which names its branches outside of France.  =(  With the closing of Fauchon in Park Avenue last February, I yearn to go to Payard and pick up my favorite treats but it is just so out of the way for me.  Other pattiseries that offer it are just not worth the trip. 

I guess I’ll just have to wait for the next trip to Paris, or the next time someone returns from my favorite city in Europe.

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Neither here nor there

I’ve been online for the last two hours but I didn’t get to blogging until now.  My heart and mind was just more into scrapbooking than blogging, until after I finished doing the last of the kitchen chores.  Alan’s already sleeping next to Angel.. I’m actually tired, but I feel like I need to write something here.

Then I drifted off and scribbled this via Paint.. ha ha!

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My Starbucks Mug Collection

At the risk of making people think I’m converting this space into a photo blog, I’m presenting my first attempt to catalogue my Starbucks Mug Collection.  (The link will take you to my Flickr account where you will be able to view the photos in detail, and hopefully soon, with accompanying comments and descriptions.)
The mugs shown are those that are yet to be displayed on my kitchen shelf where the majority of my collection is.  There are a few that are currently being used as coin or pencil holders, and there are at least two in the office, one on my desk, and one which I use for soups I need to heat up.  I’m still trying to decide whether to photograph them with flash or without, as many of the photos above were taken with natural lighting.
Many of these mugs have stories to tell — a good number of them are gifts from friends who knew I was collecting Starbucks mugs.  More on those stories later.  For now, here’s the first batch of pictures of my mug collection.  Manila, Cebu, Paris.. the New York ones are on the shelf, but I will have them join this roster soon.

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Sunny Sunday

It almost feels like summer although it’s now officially fall. The trees are still green although no longer as lush, and hints of yellow and brown are showing. Soon, the landscape will change with the fiery colors of Autumn.

I’m grateful for a warm and sunny day after a long stretch of colder days this past week. We’re trying to savor the last vestiges of my favorite time of the year. It’s just remarkable how practically three quarters of the year has come and gone and soon we will find ourselves in 2008.

We had lunch at Wendy’s. Going simple for a change. It’s been a while since we did that, and even at work, fastfood is not really an alternative.

Angel insisted on going to the mall so here I am blogging while in line at the Gap Outlet here at The Source. Just picked up a few things, two items which were just a total steal. I was tempted to get a sweatshirt hoodie at 50% off in a favorite shade of pink, but I asked myself if I would really wear that one.  As it is, I have limited my purchase of jeans because I can only wear that on weekends, and only on a Saturday or Sunday that I don’t choose to wear my khakis.. I loved the pink, but I put it back on the shelf.

The old me would’ve insisted on picking up because it was a steal — I’m so gullible when things go on sale.  But a $6.00 cable mock turtleneck I could wear under a suit was a justifiable purchase, as well as a cowl neck red and heather grey stripe that would go well with my grey dess pants.  Sweaters?  I have enough — and considering I wear suits practically everyday now at the new job, the sweaters would end up as weekend wear again during the coming winter, so I’ll stick to what I have.

The changing of the seasons really impacts our wardrobe choices — and it’s also one reason our clothes don’t get all worn until after two-three seasons of wear.  You really wear them just 4 months at a time every year, and unless you wear them every day, you’ll have enough to get around.  That’s why I try to stick to the safer choices.  Unless I am really in love with a new fad, I resist the temptation to succumb to it lest it be a one-season-only attire. 

Goodbye summer, I guess.. hello, Autumn!

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Crayola Memories

One of the greatest joys of the opening of school for me was getting a new set of crayons — preferably the 64 piece with the built-in sharpener.  I just loved opening them and knowing I had a fresh unbroken set was just such a thrill.  I was very good in coloring within the lines.. I used them for my homework.. they are part of the joys of being in school back then.

Today I got a set of 96 colors to use for scrapbooking art.  I’ve been snapping up digital scrapbook kits from free download options in various scrapbooking sites, but I figured that I should put the plain white 12×12 paper in the scrapbook sleeves I’ve been using put to better use.  They have been lying unused in my craftpaper bin.  If I succeed in creating something worth using, I plan to scan them and create 12×12 300 dpi papers that I will provide here for free downloading so wish me luck.

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Sabado Morning in My Corner

I looked at the clock on the lower right hand corner of my screen and I see that it’s minutes to noon.  Where did the morning go?  I got out of bed at just a little past 8am, cooked breakfast for Alan and myself, tried to eat it between posting here and playing with Angel (imagine him trying to oust the laptop from my lap by playing his charms on me) — then I tried to clean up some undesirable (read: stale) food from the fridge, some of which I no longer recognized.  I whipped up my favorite adobo marinade and I have some chicken wings marinating in a ziploc bag on a bowl in a fridge.  (It is so much more convenient to turn the bag rather than mix and remix the chicken in the marinade.)

The boys got dressed to try biking outside and to do errands while I cleaned the bathroom.  Done.  I finally took out the portions of yesterday’s New York Times and skimmed through it, reading a review of a French movie opening in Manhattan.  (I am trying to figure out if I can convince Alan to take me and then he and Angel can just go play somewhere.. first problem is it’s in Manhattan at an art film place — it’s not a commercial release.. the second is what will father and son do while I watch through the subtitles?)  I have taken to choosing the portions of the paper I want to read instead of taking the bulky paper everyday.  I now have a modest stash of portions yet to be read which Alan is itching to throw out.  I want to read them all but there is just not enough time.  I don’t even have time to blog as much as I want to, despite the blackberry which allows me to blog in transit.  Some of that time is now devoted to answering e-mails sent to folks back home which I hate sending in short, cryptic form.  I want to be able to talk to them in e-mail — anything less just doesn’t feel right.

I figure I have at least an hour and a half to get a few more things done, shower, get dressed, maybe clean up my purse and transfer it to another (I hate the thought that I’m wearing my current prized Burberry bag down with constant use), and hopefully iron one of the shirts Alan bought Angel which he must wear before it gets too cold.  (Angel calls it a shirt with the horsie.)

New York has been blessed with a relatively sunny and cool day today — I was hoping it would be much warmer, though, but it looks like we’re not getting past “not cold”… I’ll take what I can get.  I need to grab a few things from the pharmacy and at Target.  I might also stop by Michael’s to pick up some scrapbook sleeves. Time to get going… starting with the ironing..  (not exactly one of my better skills but I have to try..)

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The Price of a Taste of Home

I’ve been keeping the receipt of my Red Ribbon purchases from last week because I wanted to share with the folks back home how much it cost me to get these treats.  I know it’s nothing compared to the prices back in Manila, and I just charge the disparity to the fact that it’s just more expensive in dollars.  I think it’s a good parallel to the fact that while the dollar goes a long way in terms of converting into pesos, it only works well if you spend your dollars in Manila.

The 8-pc Ensaymada pack sold in an aluminum tray cost $9.49.  (That’s 8 ensaymadas baked in a tray.)  Mamon was $1.19 (which wasn’t so bad), but here’s the big ticket item — a 4-pc pulvoron pack which sold for $2.79.  A single serving of dinuguan with either rice or one piece of puto as well as a serving of their kaldereta with rice was $3.99 each.  I ordered an extra piece of puto for $1.50. 

Very steep for a momentary whiff of what we are used to back in Manila.  If you’re up to it, you’ll find the Red Ribbon Bakeshop at 591 Summit Avenue in New Jersey.

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When my body craves a break

I don’t know if it’s age or just the plain fact that I’m a woman that makes me slow down considerably when it’s that time of the month.  I felt horrible today but I managed to schlep to work, then I had to cancel my mammogram appointment because I couldn’t imagine how I would drag myself to the clinic and then back to the street where I could take a bus home.  (I’m still going next week..)

It doesn’t help that I’ve been struggling trying to dial the viewing license for ABS CBN NOW that would enable me to watch the shows I had gotten the subscription for.  (No links until they make this work!)

Meanwhile, I’m seriously mulling about working from home tomorrow.  I can use the rest.. I do have the opportunity but I’m thinking about whether or not I’m up to it… we’ll see how I feel tomorrow.. ho-hum..


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