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Sun, sun, sun!!

I started writing this post earlier today when the sun was shining full force.  I was sort of expecting an “extended day” like we had last Thursday when the sun shone brightly way past the usual 4pm dimming.  Alas the … Continue reading

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Welcoming another Monday

I’ve done my Tuseran forte, and my naproxen for the splitting headache which is now gone.  I’m still sniffing and I’m hoping my voice will sound a little more normal tomorrow. We did our errands.  Jasmine rice (Milagrosa) — check.  … Continue reading

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Feedback on feedback: More on Jasmine Tea

Nikita, they don’t make Jasmine tea in the Philippines — they are all imported brands.  No special preference really.. Jasmine is jasmine.. =)  What you might ask your Mom to bring home is some Kape Vinta from Starbucks.  They are … Continue reading

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Make mine Jasmine

Whoa.. the blog is alive.  I can’t believe I’m posting again after just doing a complete post yesterday.  (Inspiration comes with the cold?  The one causing the sniffles, not the one that makes us layer clothing..)  Thanks to Ces and … Continue reading

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Coffee or Tea?

I was never really a coffee drinker.  Well, that was before I met Alan.  I used to drink Nescafe instant coffee or Taster’s Choice, and then I would load up on Coffeemate.  I always said I drank coffee for the … Continue reading

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After the snow stopped falling…

I was  a little wary of writing about “after the snow” fell because there were threats of more snow which came.. and now they said maybe Monday again.  Maybe. So the snowstorm has passed, and it’s getting warmer but still … Continue reading

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Struggling with words

Writing has been an avenue of expression for me, but it seems to me I’ve been struggling with the words of late.  Be it here, writing  a blog post, or in terms of writing snail mail (which I still do, … Continue reading

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