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Thank God I have sewing skills

Before I became Mrs. Gonzalez, my husband used to have my mother-in-law do all his garment repairs and mending. Mind you, my mother-in-law is an accomplished “mananahi“, having put together my (ex) sister-in-law’s  bridal wear back in the day when.. … Continue reading

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Experimenting my way through

The evenings have been busy creating, and it gets a tad bit frustrating when you sit for over an hour trying new designs or methods of assembling the raw beads and findings and still end up with nothing. But that’s … Continue reading

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Thinking about garlands and winter in the summer

I was cleaning up some “working folders” in my hard drive when I came across a bunch of pictures which, if I recall, I had edited precisely to put on this blog, but which for some reason, never got published. … Continue reading

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And the week has begun..

Mondays are usually good days for me, even if it means going back to the grind.  I’ve been here at  my desk taking care of business so to speak, although I’ve been itching to write for quite a while now. … Continue reading

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Muggy Friday in New York

The Empire State Building and the equally imposing Chrysler Building are both hiding beneath a thick cover of fog this muggy Friday in New York.  Describing the weather is a little tricky because we don’t have “mist” back in Manila. … Continue reading

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I hate goodbyes

We had a send-off for a retiring officer who just happens to be my boss.  (No cause for panic — I already have a new boss..)  I had served under this retiring principal for but a year and a half, … Continue reading

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Free form crochet project: Flowers (Work in progress)

I learned to crochet when I was in Grade V (or fifth grade as they would say here in the US), thanks to the private school I went to which made it a point to introduce me to various crafts … Continue reading

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Just as I am about ready to call it a day…

..I get the urge to log on and attempt a ten-minute post. My time to blog these days seems to  be continually with a time limit.  Makes me think that I’m trying too hard — or on the other hand, … Continue reading

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