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A newspaper collage postcard a day…among other things

Each day that I’ve been scouring the newspapers the last two weeks and more so the past few days that Manila has been under water, I’ve been searching for reporting/coverage of the storm. It seems like there’s just too much … Continue reading

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A warm hug from across the oceans – From my bestfriend, Fe

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing right now, you are so very loved. Can you feel it? I hope so, I really do. Because we both know some days can be, well, trying — to say the least.. And although … Continue reading

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Divisoria and Quiapo, anyone?

I started writing this post originally on March 18, 2012 It was a real adventure for me as I returned to a familiar place which is now so different and still the same.  I decided to take the jeepney like … Continue reading

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Back to New York

Written while on the plane, March 21, 2012 I’m finally on my way back to New York after two weeks in Manila.  It’s pitch black outside.  7ish in the morning in New York.  My boy is getting ready to go … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for the Journey back to New York

I know I’ve been writing in stops and starts but I’m getting to that point where everything is being lumped together now as my trip begins to wind down.  I am getting ready to pack the bags and make a … Continue reading

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Early Saturday on my last weekend in Manila

I normally would be wanting to extend my vacation by now, counting four days left in Manila before I board the plane going back to New York on Wednesday, but this time around I find myself wishing I could hop … Continue reading

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When things go wrong as they sometimes will

Rudyard Kipling.  One of his masterpieces, the poem “IF” begins with the phrase above which was the only phrase that came to mind as I woke up this morning to more messages about my son in New York. For two … Continue reading

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Monday Morning in Manila

I thought the sun wasn’t going to come out.  The sunrise was pretty muggy today but it looks like we’re going to have some sun today after all. Day 6 in Manila.  I have so far accomplished at least one … Continue reading

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Journey Home: Manila

I was still awake at 1am here in Manila earlier today..  clearly exhausted after being awake for 48 hrs straight, my body clock kept protesting against the lack of  sleep forcing my eye lids down.  My bestfriend, Fe, was snoring … Continue reading

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Journey Home: Layover in HK

I landed here hungry and tired.  We landed at 1:30pm but the airline didn’t serve lunch.  So after clearing the security inspection, I searched high and low for something substantial from a franchise or restaurant that wasn’t American and familiar. … Continue reading

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